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People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are good at singing and dancing, "Mai Xi Lai Pu" is one of the most extensive masses base of further dance. According to the city is different, p90 online "Xi Lai Pu" is divided into many kinds of. MenGaiTi County in the Kashi area of the "multi Lang and Mizraim Lai Pu" the most prestigious. Its music is "multi Lang wooden on Kamm", played with a variety of traditional folk musical instruments to love songs and ballads, well-equipped for the content of the traditional folk song. It has a solo dance pas de deux, dance form, etc. Dancerepeated after five or six rounds, which entered the entertainment stage, the content of tea, poetry, seizes the belt, singing folk songs, such as the division ofjudge. " Multi Lang and Mizraim Lai Pu "content generally has six kinds: namely the holiday Mai Xi Lai Mai Xi Lai Pu Pu, festive, collective Mai Xi Lai Pu, invitedMacy Eli Eli P P, Macy's, Macy Eli P apologizes for reconciliation. From the formalpoint of view, the peer turns Macy Eli P held the picnic, Mai Xi Lai Pu, the younggirl, young woman between Macy Eli P, p90 package also have their peers between winter atMacy Eli P.

Tap dance

Tibetan folk dance, originally the Palace dance. Dance dance focuses on foot,the pedal hard bottom shoes, the arm with the footsteps of action, with bow,turned, tap dance to the music, and to express the feelings of the heart. Tapdance more to Fife, hammer dulcimer, guitar, bells, Yueqin such asaccompaniment, accompanied by folk songs, the lyrics and vivid, smooth dancetunes, lively rhythm, by the slow and fast, reached its climax when, suddenly end to end step.

Asif jump

Also known as "the 'Xi dancing under the moon" or "moon dance", a folk dance of Yi Axi, retirer the Neanderthal. Popular in Yunnan, Maitreya Road Southp90 collection WestShanghai Yi area etc. Legend has it that in the long time ago, a fine place to live, there was a great fire, the fire burned for nine days and nine nights. The fine man beat for nine days and nights, the fire still burning. The ground was fire must get hot, the fire people constantly change feet, or hopped to swat, finally extinguished the fire. In order to celebrate the victory, we bounce Sanxian, blowing the flute, imitate the ignition when the appearance, change feet to dance. This is today's "Xi dancing under the moon".

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